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A Long-Lost Friend
– 27th June, 2018

I think I was 15 or maybe younger when I made my first friend on the internet. I don’t remember how we got in touch. He was probably from Bulgaria/Romania and we talked over Skype. He helped me with general computer issues and we discussed about our personal lives, studies, and cultures.

I remember the day when I faced some problem with my computer and wasn’t able to solve it. I gave him access to my machine using TeamViewer and he helped me. I was extremely worried when I gave him access. I thought he might hack it and take control. But, nothing like it happened and that’s what made me trust him.

Our connection didn’t last very long. Probably a couple of weeks or months. I don’t know why we stopped talking but I wish it had lasted longer. That relationship with him was the first time I felt the true power of the internet – connecting with people anywhere on the planet.

If you’re reading this friend, I’d love to connect with you again.

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