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2018 Goals
– 13th January, 2018

2017 was a good year. I learned and grew a lot. But, I made a lot of mistakes as well which taught me a lot of lessons.

What did I conclude? I need to be more consistent and practise moderation more often. But why?

Here’s a graph of the progress towards my 2017 goals – Health & Fitness

I climbed up 2 steps. Fell down 1 step. Climbed 2. Fell 1. +2 -1 +2 -1. I believe this is normal. And that it’s okay to make mistakes as long as I learn from them and get better. But, when I’m making the same mistakes again and again, there’s definitely something I need to work on. What were those mistakes?

I was lazy and gave in to temporary pleasures.

I made the same mistakes. I regretted. I learned. I made progress. Same mistakes. Regretted. Learned. Progressed. This vicious cycle prevented me from fully achieving my goals. My expectations were always high but the results always disappointed me. And the results always disappointed me because I wasn’t working hard enough. Constant hard work and patience were the keys. But, my negligence stopped me from opening the doors and reaching my goals. Thus, my first goal for this year – Consistency. But, working hard alone is not enough. Despite knowing that unhealthy food is only going to bring me down, I kept having it. This led to a constant cycle of excess, then regret, then deprivation and then excess again. Similarly, despite knowing irregular exercise will only decrease my fitness, I was careless. I need to work smartly as well. Understanding that it’s okay to indulge sometimes and relax are the keys here. This leads to the second goal for this year – Moderation.

Trying to keep these two goals in mind all the time will certainly keep my mind, body and soul at peace.

Thank you for reading and wish you a happy new year.

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